Moulin de Guillauma - Castéra-Verduzan - Gers  
un moulin dans le gers...
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Entertainment and leisure activities on the premises   Demande de documentation Comité Départemental du Tourisme et des Loisirs du Gers en Gascogne 

Billiards : a six hole pool.
Table tennis :
An outdoor table tennis set.
Angling :
in the river Blaïse you can go for and fish carnivorous fish such as pike, pike perch ; white flesh fish such as roach , carp , tench and bleak and also eels hiding away during daylight in holes or any other thing providing a shelter. Please notice that you need a licence to fish on top of abiding to the allowed schedules. Enquiries at (fédération de pêche du gers).
Swimming and canoeing : along the river Baïse.
Cycling : Half a dozen of used bicycles in working order.
And for the bravest of all : farniente and afternoon naps in the deckchairs.

Entertainment and leisure activities in the vicinity  

Les tables du gers restaurants du gers en gascogne tradition et tendance cuisine créative saveurs nouvelles recettes gersoises 

Tourisme et vins dans le gers en gascogne visite des caves chais et vignobles Armagnac Floc de Gascogne Côtes de Gascogne Saint Mont Côtes de Condomois Madiran Pacherenc de Vic Bilh découverte des producteurs hébergements et restaurants 

Canoeing : To rent at Beaucaire (7 Km away) with or without a guide check (canoës de Beaucaire).
Swimming : At Castéra-Verduzan (3,5Km) a thermal swimming pool and a leisure theme parkon a 4 ha lake with life guards for the safety of all.
Gastronomy :In Castéra-Verduzan there are many restaurants including the gourmet restaurant « Le Florida ». And as the good living tradition goes in Gascogne it is possible in winter to prepare your own pig and fatted ducks (check with Jacques and Marie- Hélène Lapeyre just 200 m from the mill).

Tourism   Association Patrimoine et Tourisme en Gascogne sites musées et monuments du Gers jardins chateaux ensemble culturels et religieux 

Discovering the Gers : Within a 20 Km radius you will be able to stroll about some sites such as the abbey of Flaran the collègiale de la Romieu (a unesco world heritage monument) and stumble across some of the most beautiful french villages (Fourcés ,Larressingle , Lavardens
and its casttle )...

Festivals – Markets – Car boot sales – Secondhand shops , markets ...   les grands rendez-vous du Gers, coeur de la Gascogne et du Sud-Ouest, festivals, évènements, spectacles, expositions et concerts 
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